Neschen Filmolux 609 - 1.2in

30mm x 50m - 70mic

Filmolux 609  - 1.2in from Art Systems

A self-adhesive cadmium free transparent glossy UV stablised and platicized PVC film washable and resistant to a large number of detergents and solvents. Its high initial adhesion and and age-resistant adhesive make it ideal for protecting the surface of books brochures and drawings. Suitable for use with the Neschen BLS-L.

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What's in the box:
Book Protection Film
Width / Size / Capacity:
Ink Compatibility:
Cold Lamination Film
Machine Compatibility:
Cold Laminator
Packaging Dimensions:
50mm x 50mm x 30mm
0.6 kilos
This lamination film will be fit for purpose and free of manufacturing defects 90 days from date of purchase.

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