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JM Textile Mediatex JM Garden - 47in
1200mm x 60m - 320gsm

JM Garden¢ awning fabric is made of high strength PES yarn with a very high standard of quality with properties such as dirt and water repellence giving a permanent life span of the product.The extremely high water tightness and excellent tensile strength make the JM Garden¢ awning fabric a high quality, durable and resistant material.

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£703.52 including VAT

JM Textile Mediatex JM Garden Sun - 67in
1700mm x 50m - 240gsm

JM Garden¢ Sun is a sunshade fabric which offers an array of benefits. In addition to a soft, textile touch it has a very good water repellency. The fabric resists high tearing forces and remains flexible even under extreme weather conditions.Its resistance to cracks and kinks makes it easy to handle. The fabric does not show any stress whitening and its special two-sided coating guarantees that the colour is identical on both sides of the fabric.

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£775.27 including VAT