Xativa CAD Media Collection

From its inception CAD applications have been at the forefront of large format printing and demand is still extremely high.   As software develops and brings advances to 2D and 3D renders, Xativa continues to keep ahead of the today’s demands.

Media suitable for CAD printingMedia suitable for manufacturing automotive and transportation printingMedia suitable for GIS printing
Xativa CAD Media Collection

Keep ahead of the most challenging demands in technical drawing offices

The Xativa media brand has been established for over 15 years and offers you one of the largest selections of specialist high quality media and textile portfolios in the industry today. Among the 1900+ products, which cover nearly every aspect of indoor and outdoor printing applications and print technologies, lies our extensive range of CAD media.

CAD drawings are used for a massive array of industries including engineering, electronic, aerospace and architectural plans and presentations, to name but a few. In turn, each application requires specific media to suit both the drawing content and the use of the print. Our range of CAD large format print media meets all these diverse requirements, from 2D monochrome line drawings to full colour 3D rendering.

The entire Xativa range of CAD media is available in sizes from A4 to A0 sheets and roll sizes from 17 inch to 60 inches wide. A range of weights from 80gsm to 180gsm are available plus a choice of coatings and substrates suitable for both indoor office and on-site use.

Media suitable for CAD printingMedia suitable for manufacturing automotive and transportation printingMedia suitable for GIS printing

New products within the Xativa CAD Media collection

Architectural / Engineering Drawings

Architectural drawings have to convey a lot of information to a lot of departments; from developing a design idea into a coherent proposal, communicating ideas and concepts, convince clients on design and enabling building contractors to work to.

Mechanical engineering drawings assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimisation of an engineering design and images must convey information such as materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances according to application specific conventions.

Due to the level of accuracy and detail required for 2D architectural plans and engineering drawings, Xativa have a extensive range of lightweight and affordable matt uncoated papers that give you the best quality output from your large format CAD printer.

Site Plans 

Location, location, location! Site plans are paramount in development projects and are a graphic representation of the arrangement of buildings, parking, drives, landscaping and any other structure located within the developments boundaries. In addition to including fine-details and large area fills that represent areas of land and in order to prevent cockling or over saturation, heavier weight and coated media with satin or gloss finishes are recommended.

Xativa also offers film media for direct output for when site plans are used on-site and need enough durability to cope with handling, transport and weather conditions.


Xativa CAD media range is ideal for schematic design drawings which include many different types of configurations such as sketches, pans, diagrams and cost estimates. Matt coated, heavyweight media ensures durability, prevents cockling and image bleeding from large area of flood fills and yet still keeps the fine line and numerical accuracy needed for this most demanding of applications.

3D renderings

3D rendering has transformed the way engineers and architects are designing and creating new buildings, structures and public spaces. our Xativa range of photo papers offer the most accurate and visually exciting way to reproduce structure, mapping days and photo-realistic imagery, enabling modern technical printers to output to the highest quality and create powerful images in rich colour to help convey the complete design.

For stunning presentation materials there is a range of gloss, semi-gloss and satin finishes and weights up to 240gsm to choose from, bringing your 3D rendered drawings to life in print.

What customers are saying

“It is imperative for media manufacturer's to keep one step ahead of print technology, software advancements and associated media to meet today's challenging of requirements in the CAD and GIS market. Xativa continually grows and improve due to our many years of experience in large format print, and as a result now offer the largest choice of materials in the industry today. Xativa CAD media is synonymous with consistently accurate output, quality and value for money”

Paul Tarry, Consumables Divisional Manager, ArtSystems

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