ArtSystems and Colourgen - What next?

As of 1st April 2020, Colourgen will be fully integrated into the ArtSystems business, with the Maidenhead office acting as the ArtSystems Southern office. All the Colourgen vendors will join the ArtSystems product portfolio and will continue to be available as before.

Your contacts at Colourgen will join the teams at ArtSystems so if there are any questions you need answering specific to your account or projects, please do not hesitate in contacting us so we can help. We are very excited to start this new chapter at ArtSystems and we look forward to hearing from all or our favourite customers in our new home.

In addition, Colourgen customers will also gain the opportunity to join ArtSystems’ vendor channels such as Summa, Onyx and MakerBot. This is an exciting expansion of ArtSystems and will produce further attractive propositions for all our customers.

All visitors to the Colourgen website will now be directed to the ArtSystems site, the key Colourgen products are set up within the eshop and can be purchased as before. If you already have an ArtSystems online account, you can purchase at once. If you need a new ArtSystems online account, please speak to our Sales Team who will assist you in getting an account set up.

For any queries, please contact our sales team on or call our office on 0115 9380 380