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Press Release: February 1, 2017

Aiming higher with the HF Router for the Summa F Series

With the new High Frequency (HF) Router Summa has developed yet another tool for their renowned F Series flatbed finishing system. This new tool makes routing of rigid substrates smoother than ever before.

Smoother finishing and higher speed
The new HF Router is equipped with a high-frequency spindle (rotating up to 60,000 rpm) and a more balanced milling motor, which provides a much smoother finishing of rigid substrates and less rapid wear of the bits. The highly balanced spindle together with increase power output (1kW) allows higher processing speeds of materials such as wood, MDF, ACP and acrylics.

Easy bit replacements
Thanks to the pneumatic collet, which clamps the big, no wrenches are needed and bits can be replaced manually and easily. In conjunction with the already introduced optional Automated Depth Control (ADC), this makes bit replacement child's play and will avoid operator errors to the fullest.

Sturdy solution to discerning routing applications
Summa's triptych, consisting of the newest flatbed size, the F1330, the ADC and the HF Router, is the capstone of Summa's efforts to develop an all-in-one solution to many discerning routing applications. Once again, this time with the introduction of the HF Router, Summa underscores its pioneer position within the sign making finishing market.

Varied applications and seamless workflow
Nowadays sign makers simply can't imagine life without high-performance flatbed finishing systems. Summa's F series flatbed cutters offer the ideal finishing solution to meet the rigorous demand of print providers to process any kind of material. Summa's highly flexible and reliable finishing systems can be tailored to handle all kinds of media. Each time again, this guarantee's maximum productivity and makes the F Series an ideal and safe investment for both immediate and lasting returns.

About Us

With more than 30 years of experience building cutting plotters, Summa delivers highly reliable and accurate products for the sign making, labelling, vehicle wrap, aerospace and outdoor advertising industries. One of the key features of all Summa products is their unmatched durability. Summa's product range includes the remarkably productive S Class 2 and SummaCut cutting plotters, the DC5 thermal transfer printer/cutter and the renowned Summa F Series finishing systems, the F1612, F2630 and F1330. All Summa cutters come bundled with a wide range of accessories, consumables and software options for both Mac and PC systems. Summa's European headquarters are in Gistel, Belgium, can be reached by calling +32 59 27 00 11 or via the web at

Press Kit: February 1, 2017
Aiming higher with the HF Router for the Summa F Series

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