Durable wall decoration with many advantages

Press Release: December 19, 2016

Durable wall decoration with many advantages

The photo wallpaper, known today as wallpaper, is bouncing back with all its power: more spectacular in effect, more individual in design – with innovative product features and easy application. Together with modern digital printing technologies new and exciting possibilities are becoming available in interior design and due has led to non-wovens or glass fibres often being chosen as the base material for high quality printable wallpapers.

They are particularly hard-wearing, sustainable wallcoverings and are currently the trend: the glass-fibre and the glass textiles wallpaper are made of the finest glass yarns, cellulose and polyester fibres with polymer binders. They also combine fantastic, practical properties with the appropriate coating allowing excellent print results and easy processing. The biggest difference to ordinary wallpapers is the base materials used, which are mostly a combination of textile and cellulose fibres allowing air diffusion. In addition to this, they can be coated with the highest possible quality, functional surface coating, like for example those produced by Sihl AG in Bern. Under the label SIHL DESIGN2WALL the leading coating specialists have an innovative, high quality collection, currently 17 variations of digitally printable wallpapers, comprising of various surface finishes including the jacquard- produced glass textiles to meet the high demands on aesthetic and designs.

Perfection in the rough everyday life

Only the successful combinations of all criteria lead to highly durable wall decoration, particularly important is the high resistance to knocks, bumps and punctures, as is the case with the SIHL DESIGN2WALL products. The final effect of the wall is strongly influenced by the print quality of the images, graphics or photographs printed onto the media.

Even the layman will quickly recognise if they are dealing with high quality materials. It is only after printing that the haptic reveals it’s particularly enormous depth, only then does the customer receive a top quality, sustainable interior decoration. The homogeneous optic lends the room a particularly high value and offers a high quality design for a variation of interior design concepts.

Application of the glass-fibre and glass textile wallpapers is mainly where long-term, intensive and high-traffic use is the top criteria. This can be in the public areas of a hotel, restaurant or bar. The application of such wallpapers is also common in office areas, public facilities and for big projects, such as airports. A very important criterion in the choice of a suitable wallpaper is the low flammability.

In general, glass-fibre or glass textile wallpapers provide a healthy, room climate thanks to their diffusible, breathable properties. They also support the trend towards sustainable, environmentally conscious construction and renovations. Nowadays a certified environmentally- friendly building product plays an important role when planning an interior design project. The four Sihl wallpaper products are produced using natural raw materials like Kaolin, potato starch, sand or lime, and they help reduce noise levels thanks to their surface texture. For all applications, the printed wallpapers are easy to clean using water.

Problem-free processing

This type of wall covering also scores points in the processing: without the necessity of lengthy preparation - i.e. the filling and plastering of walls - these wallpapers can be applied directly to Q2 surfaces (low quality level for plastering purposes). Thanks to the thickness and texture, SIHL Glass-fibre and Glass textile wallpapers will cover and even out cracks in the surface, particularly beneficial for the renovation of old buildings. They can even hinder any further damage of the surface plaster. Effortlessly they can be cut and using the double-seam cut the wallpaper panels can be pasted to the walls to form the overall picture. With the added bonus that seams become almost invisible between the panels.

No soaking time between pasting and wallpapering for the paste to soak the material is necessary for the glass- fibre and glass textile wallpapers, thanks to the high moisture resistance and stability of their fibres. This quick and safe processing can even be simplified through the so-called Aqua-technology: two of the four SIHL wallpapers have the perfect dosage of the ‘Prepasted’ Aqua-technology on the reverse; the paste can be activated by water. This hinders the build up of air bubbles between the surface and the wallpaper, as well as illuminating excess paste from oozing out at the seams and time is saved by not having to apply paste to each panel before hanging it.

The professionals work with a special gadget i.e. the Vitrulan Aqua Quick, whereby the panels are pulled through a water bath activating the paste, which can save up to 40% of the time it takes to paste and hang in the traditional way.

Easy decorating

Alternatively a special wallpaper paste for glass textile can be used. Whereby the decorator pastes the walls and hangs the dry glass-fibre or glass textile panels directly to the prepared walls. Compared to traditional wallpapers, those made from glass are dimensionally stable so they do not stretch when they are wet nor do they shrink when they dry. In extreme cases, where the wall are a very dark colour, a white pigmented primer must be painted to the surface before wallpapering commences, to avoid the risk of the colour showing through. Areas with differentiating absorbency can be balanced out well by using a solvent- free sealer. Thanks to the long list of advantages it is often possible to wallpaper during working hours. The extremely high quality, for example that of the SIHL DESIGN2WALL wallpapers, can result in a high cost- effective solution with low maintenance costs. Should a change of decoration be initiated, the glass-fibre and glass textiles products can easily and safely be removed, this is a priceless advantage to hotels, shops and other public spaces that require quick-changing designs.

Safety in public and private spaces

Smoke detectors save lives but when the fire spreads the materials used within a room should be able to withstand the flames for as long as possible and should not release any toxic gases. The trend towards wallpaper has bought this topic into the headlines again, and here glass-fibre and glass textile wallpapers offer the optimal preventive protection there is: not only do these wallpapers not catch fire but they don’t contribute to the burning either. In addition they do not release any toxic gases during smouldering, as they contain no PVC and are free of solvents, heavy metal compounds and formaldehyde. The SIHL glass- fibre and glass textile products are classified as hardly inflammable (low flammability).

Proven in everyday practice

Robust, impressive printing and easy to work with – this is how the SIHL Glass textile with the water-activated paste presents itself. A joint project saw the use of the PREPASTED SYSTEXX GLASS TEXTILE DESIGN2WALL LATEX 280 matt (2522) to create a unique ‘feel-good’ atmosphere, in a wellness area of the hotel “Bayerischer Hof” in Bayreuth;

As a coating specialist, Sihl is a pioneer in the area of individually printable non-woven wallpapers. After cooperating closely with Vitrulan on the development of four products based on glass yarn material, Sihl had already presented the products at Heimtextil 2015. They have a matt surface finish and top quality coatings for printing using latex inks. With the Aqua-technology easy handling for the decorator while hanging is guaranteed.

The product advantages of the Sihl glass textile wallpapers are particularly important in wall design. A total area of 60 m2 of the wellness area was wallpapered with a forest design. The Sihl glass textile is easy to cut: the seam is so homogeneous that it is barely visible, if at all, an extra plus point for the Bayerischen Hof. Therefore, it was not important to cut the double-seam in a straight line; the double- seam cut could be made around the contours of the image. Only a few weeks after instalment, the hotel management reported a positive feedback from guests, who were inspired by the unique ambience.

About SIHL

Sihl is the leading provider of quality printable media in the rapidly growing digital printing market. As a powerful International Corporation, Sihl possesses decisive technological expertise and a thorough, extensive knowledge of the industry.

Sihl strengthens its customer’s market position with sustainable product solutions, contributing with innovative, process supportive service provision allowing an improved net value to customers and partners.

The solution offer ranges from high quality papers for photographs and Artwork, media for large format inkjet and laser printing, thermal papers for tickets, labels, paper-film combinations and self-adhesives through to coated papers and films for industrial application.

Sihl manufactures exclusively in Europe – in compliance with all environmental, legal, social and working related standards.

Press Kit: December 19, 2016
Durable wall decoration with many advantages

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