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Manufacturers - Innova; Product Type - Speciality

Innova Art is not like most other paper companies. While traditional manufacturers focus on tweaking the same types of products they have had for years, Innova is forward looking and strives to listen to todays marketplace and deliver inventive solutions for digital inkjet printing and display applications. Being established just as the 21st century started, Innova is not bound by century old thinking and paradigms. They use flexible approaches to this dynamic industry, with an emphasis on innovation bounded by a desire to deliver quality products and value to their partners.

ArtSystems provide a broad range of speciality media from leading manufacturers such as Xativa, Hahnemuhle, Innova, JM Textiles, 3P Textiles, Verseidag, Canon and HP. Ideal for specialist niche applications our portfolio consists a range of outdoor exhibition banner materials, point of sale materials such as self adhesive window and floor graphic films, soft signage and flag materials, interior design aids such as wallpaper and much much more.


Innova Photo Canvas Matte - A4
A4 x 25 sheets - 350gsm

Our new photo canvas matte is a high white canvas with a smooth woven surface which makes it ideal for the reproduction of photographic images and artwork where high detail is required whilst still retaining the qualities of a true canvas. It is a very flexible canvas because of its polycotton content and is easily stretchable. The canvas is water resistant and can be finished with waterbased and solvent giclee varnishes to seal the surface and extend UV resistance.

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£19.87 including VAT

Innova Soft Textured Natural White - A4
A4 x 25 sheets - 190gsm

Innova soft-textured has a natural white finish with a slightly structured soft-textured surface equivalent to a traditional etching fine art paper making it idea for digital fine art and photo reproductions. The surface has a special matt coating designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction with injet (giclee) technology.

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£19.03 including VAT

Innova Alignment Frame

An alignment frame for the application of photographs using the JetMaster Photo Panel solution.

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£26.54 including VAT

Innova FibaPrint White Semi Matte - A4
A4 x 25 sheets - 250gsm

Ideal for photographic restoration and limited edition prints. Our enhanced crystal layer technology creating a barrier between the fibre base and the microporous gloss coating allowing the paper maintain excellent image quality and tonal range.

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£21.60 including VAT

Innova Cutting Mat
600mm x 450mm x 3mm

The cutting matt is used for the construction of JetMaster Photo Panels frames.

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£28.75 including VAT

Innova Photo Archival Matt Paper - A4
A4 x 100 Sheets - 230gsm

This Ultra White Photo Matte Inkjet Paper Provides excellent image quality and sharpness on its reflection free surface.

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£30.20 including VAT

Innova Decor Smooth Art DS - A4
A4 x 25 sheets - 220gsm

Decor Poster DS Paper is a double sided natural white inkjet coated watercolour paper designed for value orientated high volume printers using dye and pigment inks. The surface emulates etching paper and is excellent for decor art and poster reproduction. The paper is compatible with all dye and pigmented ink systems giving excellent colour gamut and is produced to archival standards.

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£26.21 including VAT

Innova FibaPrint Photo Canvas Ultra Gloss - A4
A4 x 25 sheets - 380gsm

We believe our new photo canvas ultra gloss is an exciting and unique product which will transform the output of your images onto canvas and cut down on finishing time. The smooth woven surface of this polycotton canvas has been coated with a micropourous gloss coating which is similar to the gloss coated we use on our FibaPrint range of papers. Therefore we achive an extremely high level of gloss which enhances the colour gamut and D-max in dark areas of the print.

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£24.71 including VAT