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Manufacturers - Innova; Product Type - Photographic

Innova Art is not like most other paper companies. While traditional manufacturers focus on tweaking the same types of products they have had for years, Innova is forward looking and strives to listen to todays marketplace and deliver inventive solutions for digital inkjet printing and display applications. Being established just as the 21st century started, Innova is not bound by century old thinking and paradigms. They use flexible approaches to this dynamic industry, with an emphasis on innovation bounded by a desire to deliver quality products and value to their partners.

One of the most extensive ranges of photographic media available from leading manufacturers HP, Canon, Innova, Neschen and Xativa. Available in a wide range of gloss, matte, satin and lustre finishes and base materials our photographic range offers sharp, durable photo-quality prints in stunning colour or black and white making it ideal for the photographic and commercial print for pay industry.


Innova Glossy Poster Paper ES - 30in
762mm x 30m - 200gsm

This everyday poster paper is a high white inkjet coated smooth high gloss photo paper. It boasts a scratch resistant coating which produces robust high edition prints and point of sale material. It also gives excellent image quality and colour reproduction to get your message across.

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