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Neschen laminating machines from ArtSystems

Mounting, enhancement and protection are the final decisive steps in a long production process before the end product is delivered to the customer.

The Neschen 1600 Move's proven roller technology delivers high levels of performance all for an affordable price and is a highly capable mounting and laminating machine.

The machine will process substrates up to 50mm thick and 1575mm wide at speeds up to 5m/min. If required the operator can use the machines heat assisted top roller to reduce the visible effects of laminate silvering delivering high levels of consistent quality. The Neschen 1600 move has an ergonomic control panel, CE certification, a full emergency stop system, infrared nip protection and is ROHS compliant. All these features make the Neschen 1600 move a highly capable yet user friendly laminator, perfectly suited to today's busy graphics producers environment.

Key Features

> Maximum working width: 1575mm
> Maximum nip opening: 50mm
> Speed: 0-5m/min
> Max Temp (top roller): 50 degrees Centigrade
> 2 unwind shafts (auto grip design)
> 1 upper rewind shaft
> Siliconised rollers
> Flip up in-feed table

Please click on the link below to find out more about the Neschen 1600 Move Laminators pricing and specifications.

Large Format Laminators
Neschen 1600 Move Large Format Laminator


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